About Us


Our Mission

MI Solidarity exists to transform the Michigan Democratic Party (MDP) from the grassroots up.

Right now, Democratic Party politics in Michigan are controlled by a handful of political elites. They control the money, the policy, the strategy, and everything in between. They choose which political candidates are viable, and who to give money to. They influence our local, statewide, and national politics. They choose the line that all Democrats in Michigan are expected to follow, and they hold onto that power very tightly.

In 2016 and 2020, we’ve seen how the Democratic strategy has failed down-ballot candidates. We’ve seen how it’s failed activists and organizers. We’ve seen how, most importantly, it’s failed the people of Michigan. 

Our goal here at MI Solidarity is to reimagine and restructure the Michigan Democratic Party to make it accountable, transparent, and representative of democratic progressive ideas in Michigan. We do that by bringing in thousands of new people, like you, to the February 20th Digital Convention, and electing a new MDP governing body of people like YOU. 


Our Values

We want fair, inclusive, transparent, and democratic rules in the Democratic Party. 

We want to take the power of the MDP from the hands of a few political elites and get a larger, transparent, diverse table that makes decisions representative of actual Michigan residents. We want to represent the interests of activists, organizers, and candidates, not consultants and big-money donors. 

We believe in Universal Single-Payer Healthcare, a Green New Deal, Comprehensive Criminal Justice and Immigration Reform, Free College, and the rest of the progressive agenda.

We believe one of the most effective ways to move these goals forward is to bring more and more progressives into the Michigan Democratic Party, turning the Party into a progressive, proactive, representative body.


Our Plan

MI Solidarity will make it as easy as possible for progressives to participate in the Michigan Democratic Party. Our website will provide a central hub for progressive activities in the Michigan Democratic Party. This includes:

  • Training on MDP rules and procedures. 
  • An MDP calendar of votes, elections, and events
  • Access to help with Party issues via text, email, and phone.
  • A forum where progressives can discuss strategy and tactics in the MDP.
  • MI Solidarity gatherings to answer questions, raise concerns, and to discuss policy, strategies, and current issues. 

We want to build a progressive Michigan community that tackles electoral politics. We want to make real gains in this movement, and see our policy positions become reality.  

Join us.

Help us build the democratic wing of the Democratic Party.